Keynote Speakers

David J. Anderson, Father of Software Kanban

David Anderson David Anderson

David J. Anderson leads a management consulting firm focused on improving performance of technology companies. He has many years management experience leading teams on agile software development projects. David was a founder of the agile movement through his involvement in the creation of Feature Driven Development. He was also a founder of the APLN, a non-profit dedicated to improving management and leadership in technology companies. Recently David has been focusing his attention on business agility and enterprise scale agile software transitions through a synergy of the CMMI model for organizational maturity with Agile and Lean methods.

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Speaking about: Understanding Agility and how to improve it with Kanban

David Joyce, Lean Practitioner and Brickell Key Award Winner 2010

David Joyce David Joyce

David Joyce is a Lean and Agile coach with 12 years technical team management and coaching experience, and 20 years software development experience. In recent years, using Scrum and XP, David has coached both onshore and offshore delivery teams, and has successfully launched an internet video startup from inception to launch. More recently David has coached teams on Agile, Lean, Kanban and Systems Thinking at BBC Worldwide in the UK. David currently works for Thoughtworks as a Principal Consultant. He recently received the Lean SSC Brickell Key award for outstanding achievement and leadership.

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Speaking about: How Kanban Helps us Move Beyond the Traditional PMO to 21st Century Portfolio Management

English Track Speakers

João Barreiro, Portugal

João Barreiro João Barreiro

João Barreiro is an Agile Coach at Greenlight Project Management. As a consultant he helps Projects and Teams with their transition to Agile. João embraced Agile development in 2007 at Nokia Siemens Networks, and since then he helped several Projects (big and small) becoming more Agile.

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Speaking about: Scrum, Kanban, Change Management

Pawel Brodzinski, Poland

Pawel Brodzinski Pawel Brodzinski

Pawel Brodzinski is an experienced leader and team builder who managed different software teams along his career from tiny groups working on in-house solutions up to big divisions working on multiple complex projects for big corporations. Pawel is a fan of choosing right approach to right problem and doesn't believe in a silver bullet. He is well-recognized blogger writing about software project management at Recently he leads a division in VSoft where he has chosen Kanban as main project management approach. Pawel is passionate about leading great teams, fixing broken projects and creating high-quality software.

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Speaking about: Kanban Improvements: Emergent Behavior

Mike Burrows, UK

Mike Burrows Mike Burrows

Mike has led development teams and larger IT functions for much of his career, working in the aerospace, software tools, finance and energy sectors. Now VP of Educational Programs at David J Anderson & Associates, previous positions include Executive Director at UBS Investment Bank and IT Director for the energy risk management consultancy Encore International. Mike is well known to the Kanban community through the sharing of his experiences leading one of the first Kanban implementations in Central Europe.

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Speaking about: Kanban the hard way

Oscar Garrido, Spain

Oscar Garrido Oscar Garrido

Oscar Garrido has been working in the Information Technology sector since 1999. Bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), he has developed most of his professional career in Atos, where he has played different managing roles both technical and functional. It is worth mentioning among them the definition and publication of the global technical standards for development, serving as a reference for architecture, design and coding of software. He is currently the Lean IT delivery manager within the System Integration Service Line. He led the project “Kanban Software – Lean applied to software maintenance”, which was awarded in September 2011 by the Spanish Quality Association (AEC) in the “Best Practices in the provision of ICT services” category. He’s been recently nominated for the “2012 Brickell Key Award”, created by the Lean Software & Systems Consortium to highlight people who have shown outstanding achievement, leadership and contribution to the Kanban community whether at an online, local, national or global level.

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Speaking about: Kanban in Software Maintenance subjected to a Service Level Agreement

Chris Hefley, USA

Chris Hefley Chris Hefley

Chris Hefley is the CEO and co-founder of LeanKit, the makers of industry-leading Kanban software, LeanKit Kanban. A career software developer, Chris is passionate about software and systems that make peoples lives better, transforming our relationship with work. Chris was nominated for the Lean Software and Systems Consortium's Brickell Key award in 2011 for his work on LeanKit Kanban. LeanKit, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is also branching out to make an impact in Lean Construction, Lean Healthcare, Lean Sales and Marketing, Video Production, Education, and many more industries.

Speaking about: A Practical Introduction to Kanban

Alexis Nicolas, France

Alexis Nicolas Alexis Nicolas

8 years experience in various IT positions including management and change agent in a large investment bank. Systems thinker. Kanban practitioner since 2 years. Believer in purpose need and value need to enable highly effectives organizations. Passionate about understanding and changing organizations.

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Speaking about: Kanban introduces 4 Management Hacks

Arne Roock, Germany

Arne Roock Arne Roock

Dr. Arne Roock is working as a Trainer and Coach for Lean and Kanban for it-agile GmbH in Germany. He‘s focused on helping teams and organizations evolving a Kaizen culture. Arne wrote several papers on lean/Kanban and translated the book "Kanban - Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business" into German. He runs the Blog (mostly German) and co-founded the first Limited WIP Society Germany.

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Speaking about: Always run a changing system! How to create a Kaizen culture

Nina Schwab, Austria

Nina Schwab Nina Schwab

Nina Schwab is Head of Project Management at In her role, she is responsible for managing the processes and day to day development of Tupalo's local search community, used by millions of people around the World. Nina has deep experience in development-driven project management, having started at in a leadership role in 2010, managing the transition and implementation of the Kanban system into Tupalo's daily workflow. Nina considers herself a Kanban Girl and believes in the power of communication and visualization. Prior to joining, Nina was responsible for Key Account/Project Management at BCD Travel Austria and additionally held positions at BCD Travel Germany and Air Berlin. Nina studied Business Administration at Heilbronn University/Germany.

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Speaking about: The Kanban Story

Eileen Shuter, USA

Eileen Shuter Eileen Shuter

Eileen Shuter is an Information Technology Manager at Vanguard, one of the nation’s largest mutual fund firms and a leading provider of company-sponsored retirement plan services. Eileen introduced Kanban tips and techniques to Vanguard, growing it from 2 teams to over 40 teams within last three year. Eileen leads the organization in continuous learning and improvement, most recently with Kanban Kamp; an in-house seminar for sharing Kanban concepts for beginners to advanced practitioners.

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Speaking about: Kanban Next Generation Metrics at Vanguard

Jasper Sonnevelt, Netherlands

Jasper Sonnevelt Jasper Sonnevelt

Jasper is an Agile Coach at VX Company in The Netherlands. He helps team and organizations adopt a Leaner way of working. He has experience working in and around a teams with various levels of Agile maturity in both Scrum and Kanban environments. His focus at the moment is mainly on large organizations.

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Speaking about: Top down or viral spread. What works in your context?

Erika Weiss, Spain

Erika Weiss Erika Weiss

Erika Weiss has worked on consulting projects since 2001 in Peru and Spain. She is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Lima (Peru) and MBA from School of Business Administration (EAE) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), has developed most of her professional career in Continuous Improvement, Business Planning and Business Intelligence projects. In Atos she has held different roles of responsibility at a functional level on both project and team management. She is currently leader and coach of Kanban implementation projects, which have been awarded in September 2011 from the Spanish Quality Association (AEC) award for "Software-Lean Kanban applied to software maintenance" in the "Best practice in the provision of ICT services" category. She’s been recently nominated for the “2012 Brickell Key Award”, created by the Lean Software & Systems Consortium to highlight people who have shown outstanding achievement, leadership and contribution to the Kanban community whether at an online, local, national or global level.

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Speaking about: Kanban in Software Maintenance subjected to a Service Level Agreement

Spanish Track Speakers

Ángel Díaz, Spain

Ángel Díaz Ángel Díaz


Ángel es enérgico por definición y disfruta de los retos. Su pasión es la puesta en práctica de los conceptos Lean y Agile en los ambientes más complejos, por lo que se ha especializado en la implementación del cambio de cultura y procedimiento en el sector bancario. Tiene más de 12 años de experiencia en IT en diferentes países y áreas. Ha trabajado en desarrollo de SW, I+D, dirección de proyectos, gestión de la mejora continua y estrategia IT. Actualmente trabaja en ING Direct España como Lean Champion, Agile coach y responsable del área de Metodología IT. Asimismo, lidera la transición del área de Tecnología del desarrollo ágil y es agente de cambio activo en la aplicación de los conceptos y cultura Lean en toda la organización.

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Charla sobre: Implementación de la cultura Lean y las técnicas Kanban en ING Direct España


Ángel is energetic by nature and he enjoys challenges. He is passionate about putting in place Lean and Agile concepts in very complex environments. Therefore, he specializes in the implementation of cultural and procedural change in banking. He has more than 12 years of experience in IT in different countries and positions. Angel worked on software development, R&D, project management, continuous improvement management and IT strategy. Currently, he works at ING Direct Spain as Lean Champion, Agile coach and head of IT methodology. He leads the transition of the Technology department into agile development and is the change agent in the implementation of Lean culture and concepts in the organization as a whole.

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Speaking about: Full-scale implementation of Lean culture and Kanban techniques in ING Direct Spain

Masa K Maeda, USA

Masa K Maeda Masa K Maeda


Masa es el fundador y consultor principal de Valueinnova LLC, USA, dedicado a coaching, consultoría y entrenamiento en Kanban, Gestión lean-agile de proyectos, Innovación de valor lean y Scrum. El es también consultor senior del Cutter Consortium. Masa fué un asociado de David J Anderson & Associates. En adición de Norte América, Masa ha llevado Lean, Agile, Kanban y Scrum a Iberoamérica desde el 2009, y presenta en conferencias mundiales con regularidad.

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Charla sobre: Kanban para portafolio de clientes y negocio


Masa is the founder and principal consultant of Valueinnova LLC, USA, dedicated to coaching, consulting and training on Kanban, Lean-agile project management, Lean value innovation and Scrum. He is also a senior consultant for the Cutter Consortium. He was an associate of David J Anderson & Associates. In addition to North America, Masa has been bringing Lean, Agile, Kanban and Scrum to Spanish speaking countries since 2009 and presents regularly at conferences worldwide.

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Speaking about: Kanban for Clients and Business Portfolios

Manuel Mazan, Peru

Manuel Mazan Manuel Mazan


Manuel Mazán es fundador de Agiland, compañía especializada en consultoría Lean-Agile, coaching y entrenamiento, agilidad de procesos de negocio y outsourcing ágil. Manuel tiene mas de 14 años de experiencia en Perú, España, Irlanda y el Reino Unido. Su experiencia tiene especial énfasis en la industria offshore de desarrollo de software, métodos ágiles y gestión de procesos de negocio habiendo trabajado para clientes importantes alrededor del mundo. Manuel ha rescatado proyectos de desarrollo de software caóticos utilizando los principios de Lean y el método Kanban. De esta manera Manuel devolvió la esperanza a clientes frustrados ayudando a equipos desmoralizados a recuperar valores dentro de un ritmo de trabajo sostenible y un ambiente basado en la experimentación y aprendizaje. Manuel es MBA de la Universidad de Ulster (Irlanda del Norte), Ingeniero de Sistemas (Cum Laude) por la Universidad de Lima, CSM (Certified Scrum Master) y CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) e impulsor de las metodologías ágiles. Manuel es autor del paper "RECUPERANDO UN PROYECTO DE DESARROLLO DE SOFTWARE CAÓTICO CON LEAN Y EL MÉTODO KANBAN", su profile de LinkedIn es

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Charla sobre: Recuperando un Proyecto de Desarrollo de Software Caótico con Lean y el Método Kanban


Manuel Mazán is founder of Agiland, a Peruvian company specializing in Lean-Agile consulting, coaching and training, business process agility and agile outsourcing. With more than 14 years of experience in Peru, Spain, Ireland and the UK, Manuel‘s experience has strong emphasis in the offshore software development industry, Agile and Business Process Management (BPM). He has experience successfully rescuing chaotic software development projects using the principles of Lean & the Kanban method. Manuel has helped demoralized software teams to recover back their life working under a sustainable pace within a learning and experimentation environment. Manuel is an MBA from the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), Systems Engineer (Cum Laude) from the University of Lima (Peru), CSP (Certified Scrum Professional), systems thinker and Agile advocate. He is also the author of the paper " RECOVERING A CHAOTIC SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT USING LEAN AND THE KANBAN METHOD”. Manuel’s LinkedIn profile is

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Speaking about: Recovering a Chaotic Software Development Project Using Lean and The Kanban Method

Juan Ignacio Onetto, Argentina

Juan Ignacio Onetto Juan Ignacio Onetto


Juan Ignacio es emprendedor y Co-Fundador de Jacarandá Consultores, una organización que provee servicios de consultoría para mejora de procesos e innovación de negocios, a empresas o individuos que buscan la excelencia en todas las cosas que hacen. Su pasión es entender cómo funcionan los sistemas y como la creatividad del hombre junto con la innovación pueden funcionar juntas. Es Ingeniero en Sistemas de Información en la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional y Magister en Dirección Estratégica y Tecnológica en ITBA. Juan Ignacio está certificado por GE en Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Es co-autor de varias publicaciones relacionadas con Diseño Dinámico de Negocios e Innovación. Trabaja para el Centro de Dinámica de Sistemas en el ITBA. Es profesor de Pensamiento Sistémico en la Universidad de Ciencias Sociales y Empresariales. Juan tiene amplia experiencia desempeñando diversos roles de gestión de proyectos de IT y Calidad. Lideró proyectos en empresas globales e innovadoras en diferentes industrias como ser finanzas, desarrollo de software y mantenimiento de infraestructura de IT. Cada rol que ocupó trabajó con el objetivo de generar mejoras en el trabajo, como parte de sus creencias más profundas de cómo las empresas pueden crecer y así construir un mundo mejor. Juan escribe en su blog sobre temas relacionados con IT, mejora organizacional, pensamiento sistémico e innovación de negocios.

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Charla sobre: ¿Qué aprendió Kanban de una organización?


Juan Ignacio is an entrepreneur and the Co-founder of Jacarandá Consultores, a firm that provides business innovation and process improvement services to companies who pursue the excellence in everything they do. His passion is for understanding how systems work and how human creativity and innovation can work all together. He has a degree in System Information Engineer at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. He has a Master’s degree in Strategic and Technology Management at ITBA and is a certified GE Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He has co-authored several publications related with Business Dynamic Design and Innovation. He Works for The System Dynamic Centre at ITBA. He teaches System Thinking at Universidad de Ciencias Sociales y Empresariales (UCES). Juan has a broad experience in several roles as Project and Quality Manager, in different industries within global and innovative companies like Travel and Leisure, Finance, Software Development and IT. In each role his main objective has been to improve how work is performed, as part of his deepest believes of how business can grow and make our world a better one. Juan writes at his blog about general IT, organizational process improvement, system thinking and business innovation.

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Speaking about: What did Kanban learn from an organization?

Leopoldo Simini, Argentina

Leopoldo Simini Leopoldo Simini


Profesional de IT con más de 11 años de experiencia en la industria de desarrollo de Software. Me desempeño como Coach y facilitador de metodologías ágiles especializado en procesos de mejora continua, trabajo en equipo y en el potenciamiento de las personas. He trabajado tanto con equipos técnicos como con distintas unidades de Negocio y tengo una amplia experiencia ayudando y entrenando equipos, directivos y personas de diferentes organizaciones en el logro de sus objetivos, ayudándolas a hacer frente a situaciones complejas mediante la comprensión y la adopción de la filosofía Lean y metodologías ágiles. Siempre disfruto mucho de la oportunidad de extender estas técnicas y métodos más allá de las fronteras del área de Tecnología, especialmente en unidades de negocio Ejecutivo y áreas de Operaciones, ayudándolos a adoptar y comprender los principales fundamentos de estas prácticas de mejora continua. Participo activamente en la comunidad de práctica de Metodologías Agiles en Latinoamérica, y he fundado también una revista en línea para los profesionales de metodologías ágiles de habla hispana.

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Charla sobre: Más allá de IT: Implementando Kanban en el proceso de Reclutamiento y Selección de Personal


As an IT Professional with more than 11 years experience in Software industry, I work as an agile coach specialized in continuous process improvement, Team building and empowerment. I’ve been working with Technical Teams and with diverse Business areas and I have a strong background coaching Teams, Managers and individuals in different organizations on achieving their goals and dealing with challenging situations by understanding and adopting Lean and agile philosophy and practices. I am always seeking and enjoy any opportunity to extend these techniques beyond IT boundaries, including Executive and Operational business units, while helping them adopting and understanding the main foundations of Lean and Agile practices. I actively participate in the Latin-American Agile community of practice and I also founded and maintain an online magazine site for Spanish-speaking Agile Practitioners.

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Speaking about: Beyond IT: Implementing Kanban in Staff Recruitment & Selection processes